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Bristol West Policy & Agency Services: Phone: 1-855-319-7763    
  Fax: 1-888-888-0070    
  (Policy related faxes only)    
Claims: 1-800-274-7865    
Bristol West Marketing: Contact your Specialty Sales Manager or Agency Marketing customer service team at 1-800-913-1016.    
Agency Services - Licensing & Administrative Updates: 1-913-564-6400    
Supplies: Order additional Bristol West marketing materials go to the Agency Dashboard navigate to Agency Vision > Farmers Supply Source > Search Items. Once on the search page fill in the required information for the items you need.    
General Mail: Bristol West Insurance Group    
  P.O. Box 31029    
  Independence, OH 44131-0029    
  Farmers Specialty Auto    
  PO BOX 2008    
  Grand Rapids, MI 49501    
Overnight Delivery (Other than Payment): Bristol West Insurance Group    
  Attn: (specify dept)    
  7340 West Memorial Rd    
  Oklahoma City, OK 73142    
Overnight Payments: Bristol West Insurance Group    
  1300 Concord Terrace, Suite 120    
  Sunrise, FL 33323    
Farmers and Farmers Specialty Insurance: Click here to navigate to the Agency Dashboard Help & Support contact page.    
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